Basil Jones, CYT

Basil Jones, co-creator of Yoga Out of Bounds, is an accomplished yoga teacher with teaching certifications from Integral Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. Drawing from a myriad of past teachers and traditions, Basil teaches mainly from the hybrid of Vinyasa Yoga, a tradition which employs the breath as the vehicle for the yogic journey. In addition to traveling the country with various yoga workshops of his own, Basil in an assistant to his mentor and international yoga teacher/spiritual activist Seane Corn. He has appeared on the Martha Stewart show and has been featured in her publications. Basil is an ambassador for the Green Chimneys Organization which supports marginalized children and teenagers.

Basil works on both physical and energetic planes for deeper healing and connection. Understanding yoga as a path to wellness, and through self study in asana, many past injuries/imbalances can be managed and more fully understood. With this deeper understanding he encourages students to explore the integration of deeper connection to the body, the energetics of the mind, and how to live fully and vibrantly within both. Based out of North Salem NY, Basil teaches musically driven daily classes that range from beginners to advanced students.

Corti Cooper, CYT
Corti Cooper is a seasoned yogi based out of Stamford, Connecticut whose passion for yoga has led her to the art of sharing yoga with others. A YogaWorks 200 Hour Certified Teacher, Corti’s classes stress daily practice, combined with intelligent sequencing and a breath-centered practice. Her style is influenced mainly by the classic poses and rigor of the Astanga Yoga system.

Corti’s background in gymnastics and her continued commitment to training Capoeira, the Brazilian Martial art, bring elements of strength and acrobatics to Corti’s classes.This is accessible for all, from beginners to the advanced Yogis. Known for her sense of humor and energy, her flows are invigorating and fun while bringing into focus the stillness that is present within each of us.